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Service Workshop

Keeping your bike running smoothly.

We pride ourselves on having a full-service workshop in store. Our mechanics run their workshop and service every bike with the utmost precision and care.

We aim to provide our customers with the highest level of service in everything that we do and you can be assured that your bike will be safe, ride smooth and feel great after a visit with us! We will keep you updated and informed if your bike needs anything more (or less) during your service to avoid unexpected charges. As we are open from 8am to 6pm, we cater for before and after work drop offs and pick ups! We also aim for same day service to so that you can get back in the saddle sooner! 


Please take note that this Service Menu is a guide only. Every bike is unique and we treat them accordingly. If you are unaware of what Service your bike may need, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us and chat to one of our service technicians for some advice. 

Parts included on the Service Menu are based on Shimano Dura-ace and XTR. Some parts such as Campagnolo or ceramic bearings may incur additional costs. It is worth being aware that in many cases, where a bike needs a new chain, a new cassette may also be required. 

If you would like to enquire further about parts and upgrades to improve your bike’s performance, please get in contact with us!

Extra Services We Offer:


A bike build isn’t just putting all the parts together. At Fusion, our mechanics meticulously grease, assemble, tighten and tune the bike to perfection. The end result is a beautiful, rideable, and most importantly, safe bike, that has been built by a professional and won’t let you down. A bike build is included in the sale of every bike with us. If you didn’t get your bike from us, however, that’s ok! Most bikes come partly assembled in their box, but to get it to a safe and rideable condition, the skills of a professional mechanic are called for!

Whether you’ve scored a great second-hand find, building up a project or swapping components from one frame to another, we’ve got you covered! Just let us know what you need help with and you’ll have a complete bike put together safely, properly and with the highest attention to detail and care. 



Dealing with insurance is never fun. The thought of your prized possession being damaged in the first place is bad enough. We aim to take the hard work and stress out of insurance claims. Give us a call to arrange an appointment, bring your bike in and we will do a complete assessment of damage and provide you with a full quote for you to pass on to your insurer. Easy as that. 


To see our full terms and conditions on Bike Servicing, please click here.