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How Often Should You Service Your Bike?

I’m basing this on a cyclist who rides their bike at or above two to three times a week. Now, in a perfect world, and because I have seen the damage caused to bike and person from either lack of service or poor workmanship creating failure and falls, I would say have a Silver Service twice a year and an in-store safety check every other quarter.

ToolsThe reason for this is both simple and complex. Simple because there’s not much separating skin loss and broken bones on a pushbike. Certainly no seat belts and air-bags! Yet, we still travel at the same speeds as cars around town. So again, simple because prevention is much better and less painful than the cure – falling off!

… And, complex because as simple as a bike is; it’s two wheels and pedals – the first and most authentic form of mechanical travel man has created – a bike has evolved into a very complex and finely tuned piece of technology. Where we used to work on our bikes as kids with shifting spanners and hammers, nowadays, we need specific industry tools, oftentimes computers for firmware upgrades on gears and power meters to get them operating as they should. In the old days a bike had 3 or 9 big old clunky gears; nowadays we have  multiples of that and a technology that is inspired by and created with Formula 1 teams.

This is the complexity of a simple and beautiful sport, and very much why we need to ensure regular maintenance.

As a customer, before my entry into cycling retail, I often felt embarrassed to bring my bike into store because I was concerned about the cost. I was worried, because I really didn’t have any bike mechanical understanding, that a simple fix might have cost me hundreds. This is why I’ve created the workshop membership. Unlimited workshop service, year round. If you want a Silver Service every single week, or even multiple times a week, you are very welcome to it! We want you comfortable on your bike and in your cycling. If you want us to bath your bike! Sure! It’s better than you getting yourself dirty!

For the price of 2 coffees – $9 per week – you can have the piece of mind to know that not only is your bike going to be safe and working beautifully, you are also looking after the value of your bike, because nothing depreciates an asset like poor service.


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