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Have you seen how many “BLOODY CYCLISTS” are around these days?

Have you thought about why there are so many? It seems like cycling is becoming more and more popular. Have you thought about why? Surely they’re not all terrible citizens that don’t pay rego and run red lights. There are so many around these days, there has to be some normal people in amongst the crowd.

Well, next time you’re perplexed about this, cast your mind back to riding your first bike. Whether it was pushing a balance bike along as a toddler, peddling along on your trike, or maybe, like me, peddling really fast with your Dad running behind you, holding the back of your seat, picking up speed then realising you are moving too fast for Dad to possibly be able to keep up. He had let go twenty metres earlier and I was free. I was doing it by myself. FREE. The freedom. I was doing it all by myself and I didn’t need help from anyone. The world was now my oyster; I could ride by myself anywhere (as long as I was home by dark!), and I didn’t need the help of anyone. For me, and for so many cyclists out there, riding a bike still gives that freedom.

There are just so many of us these days because it is simply an incredible sport. It’s so good for your body, your fitness. It’s easy on the joints and muscles. You can do it at almost any age or fitness level. It can be as easy or as challenging as you chose. There’s a special kind of romance, history and passion. There’s technology, if that’s your thing, but also there’s a simplicity.

There’s enjoyment and freedom and passion and escape. In a world full of gadgets and tech and connectivity and media, screen time and square eyes, riding a bike gives us a small amount of time for us just to be free of all of that.

Everyone should try it.

More importantly, everyone needs to be patent with everybody. A cyclist is your neighbour, your boss, your apprentice, your hairdresser, your construction worker.

Life is amazing. Embrace it. Ride a bike.

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