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Bike in a boxChinese bikes from eBay… I LOVE THEM! I have ridden them. They work OK, they’re priced right and they look respectable if you are specific with your needs; a bargain.

I love a bargain as much as anyone. I know we are in a tight economy and I also know that as much as we like to support local business, we have the latest Pedla or Black Sheep kit to buy, kids’ school fees to pay, mortgages to commit to and significant others to appease. We get it! This is why Chinese bought bikes can be so good. They save cash and they look like a bike should!  Problem is, they come in a box and you need a million specific parts to make them work, not to mention the knowledge to put it together. This is why you need someone with skills to build it for you. To make it safe and to give it just the right amount of PIMP to get even the snobbiest rider’s head turning!

We are in the business of selling bikes, but it’s not the core of our business. It’s not our Mission. Our Mission is to get as many people riding bikes as possible, and most importantly, people loving their cycling and staying with it. The backbone AND the brains of our business is the workshop; this is where the magic happens and what I am most proud of. This is where we give the most value.

We are the best ‘bike shop’ in Queensland, but we don’t see ourselves as that. We aren’t snobby. We are Bicycle Outfitters. There’s a difference. We have the ability to get you on your bike, safely and with quality and confidence. We would love to build your bike for you and what’s more, we have the skills to get your fit right.

Bring your freshly bought boxed up Chinese bike into us and we will build it for you, making sure all the right parts are used and set to the right settings. Give us the opportunity to get you on your new bike and we will give you a Bike Fit valued at $120 for free.

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