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Being a cyclist is more than any one single thing. If you’re a cyclist, you know what I’m talking about. If you’re not yet a cyclist, and are still on the fence; keep this in mind. There’s something special about our sport that is making it the fastest growing fitness pursuit of passion in the world. This is for good reason…

As I’m sure you’re aware after seeing the growing number of riders out there today; and the proportionate number of ages, skill levels, budgets and body shapes, being a cyclist is more than just riding a bike; it’s certainly more than being all about the bike these days; It’s more than clocking up ‘KOMs on Strava’, it’s more than drinking lattes and eating pastries post-ride. In a funny way, it’s all of these together, but none of them exclusively. It’s a brotherhood, or sisterhood. It’s a bunch. It’s being fit and strong, both in body and in mind. It’s being with your friends in the morning. It’s putting in an effort on the front to get your group riding faster, then getting a tow when you’ve done your turn. It’s feeling the burn and loving it. It’s going for a gentle loop on recovery day, just to roll the legs over. It’s waking up in the morning and being excited to show off the new kit / shoes / socks / gloves / helmet. It’s checking for trophies at the cafe whilst waiting for your coffee to come. It’s the sport we love.

When it comes to what you wear, thankfully, there has been an evolution in the past few years, and Australia is leading the movement worldwide…

‘Movement’ is an interesting term. Very few brands create movements; a lot of companies create great products that look perfect, work awesomely, make your life better, but very few create a movement. The cliches do it very well because they understand what it is that makes us passionate. Harley Davidson continue to do it on bikes that are out-dated and should be defunct. Apple do it with every product they release, even though other brands have released the same kind of product years before. I don’t need to explain how they do it, because even though we might not understand the theory, we just know they do it.

In cycling, there is a brand that understand what it is to be a cyclist. Black Sheep is a wonderful enigma and they have nailed it. They continue to nail it, season after season, which is why it is almost impossible to act fast enough to get our hands on their season released kits when they drop. It’s never easier to roll out of bed in the morning when you’ve got your Black Sheep kit ready to wear for the first (or hundredth) time. Even the Black Sheep Essentials range are perfect in their simplicity, class and functionality. The seasonal ranges, when you see them, are artwork. They are perfectly comfortable and capable in the saddle for hundreds of kilometres, and turn heads in every bunch. There’s a knowing nod of respect and appreciation between cyclists in their Black Sheep. A familiarity between strangers wearing the brand. It’s almost underground. It’s a club. They’ve nailed it.

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