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You know what grinds my gears? Riding with someone who has a noisy bike. It’s cringe-worthy, spine-tingling and really, just plain unforgivable! Just like the shoes or watch someone wears, I think it says a lot about a person. It tells me they are either one, or a combination of two things; they’re too busy to get their bike serviced regularly, or they simply just don’t care. I always give benefit of the doubt to the prior, but you just can never be sure. As I’m sure you know, if you’re an avid cyclist, you love getting out in the morning with your mates, doing your turns up front and wouldn’t for the world miss the coffee at the end. Like me, your bike is your pride and joy and you know there’s maintenance checks you should be doing at home, and furthermore, there’s servicing you need to get done by the professional technicians at your local bike shop.

Replace chain
Do you have one of these tools? If not, get into your LBS and get your chain checked

Before I digressed from my day-job into bicycle retail, I was a corporate manager, typically working over 70hrs per week, in an office that didn’t have a window. I loved the challenge and the energy the job required of me, but mostly I loved waking early and riding my bike with my mates. I would arrive at our kick-off point 15 minutes early so I didn’t hold the bunch up, I would unload my bike that was so much more capable than I needed and much more expensive than an athlete of my capability needed (but man I loved that bike). We would do a loop of our beautiful city, finish up with a couple coffees and some pastries. Back in the car by 6:45am to get to the office an hour and a half early to start my 11 hour day. That would be the last I think about my bike… I was too busy.

Now, I knew more than most, the importance of having my bike serviced; I rode with the owner of my local bike shop every day, and he was the one who educated me in all the nuances of cycling that a ‘noob’ like me needed 10 years ago. Everything from keeping aware so we didn’t run into potholes, car doors or car’s arses, to the right kit, to changing a chain at least three times to every one group-set, otherwise the more expensive group-set would last half as long. I certainly knew the boys at the LBS could do a lot better job than I could do, even if I had the time to get over to the store… But I couldn’t. My routine was wake, ride, work, eat, sleep, repeat. I had no opportunity to give my bike the love and attention it deserved.

That’s why we offer to grab your bike for you, do the service, and have it back to you the same day, ready for you to ride tomorrow morning. I’ve been there, I know it would have helped me enjoy my riding even more, and I am excited to be able to offer this to you.

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