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About Us

Fusion Cycles started out in 2008 with a dream to provide the best service and knowledge possible to the Brisbane cycling and triathlon community and has been growing steadily ever since.  It has been a steady climb and Fusion Cycles has it's feet firmly on the ground by becoming one of the most talked about independently owned stores in the country and we couldn't be more proud of our efforts and it's all thanks to you.
We have refined our range based on the demand of the consumer and now proudly stock bikes by BMC, Cervelo, Focus, Cannondale and most recently Stinner, an independant steel and titanium manufacturer with ties to our flagship exclusive clothing brand Black Sheep.  
Pedla clothing is also in our line up, both brands are also local to Australia as we love to support the little guys as we appreciate the same.  

The GURU machine in store is one of the most advanced fitting systems on the market and we have the staff and know how to provide the best experience available.  Book here today.  

Our service department has over 20 years of experience and can deal with everything you throw at us.  To see a list of our services click here, to book now, click here.
Shop Rides
Commando Loop

Wednesday - 5:30am
Fusion Cycles
125 Commercial Road

Distance: 50km
Pace Avg: 28 - 30km/h 

Roughly a similar distance to the 'River Loop' for those familiar but with steady elevation and a bit of a difference in scenery.  Our route heads out west through Jindalee, Oxley and Tennyson with winding roads and some cheeky lumps.

Black Fridays

Friday - 4:00pm
Fusion Cycles
125 Commercial Road

Distance: 45km
Pace Avg: 25 - 28km/h 

A magnificent way to end the week.  Black Fridays, (brought to you by Black Sheep Cycling), takes us out to the waters of Sandgate via the scenic wetlands and back for a frosty beverage at Green Beacon.
Guru Fit System

At Fusion Cycles we believe that the fit is the most important part of every cycling experience.  Improper fit can lead to long term physical problems which can become serious but ultimately affect the comfort of your ride which should otherwise be an absolute pleasure.  We have one of only 3 of these machines in the country so far and were one of the first giving us greater experience and confidence.

The GURU Dynamic Fit Unit is the world's most advanced fit bike providing an infinite range of motion and real-time adjustment to create the perfect ride for you.  GURU's revolutionary software powers the Fit System providing you with an interactive, personalized fit experience to create the perfect riding position.  The software captures individual riding positions during your fit session, allowing you to easily compare and contrast different positions to determine which is best for you.

With 15 years of bike fit experience you can be confident that Craig Mackie teamed with the GURU, your position will never have felt this good.  Book a GURU fit today here.
Workshop/ Servicing

Bronze Service - $110.00

Clean the bike
Tune gears and lubricate the cables to minimise lever wear
Tune brakes and lubricate cables for a smoother action resulting in more predictable braking
Tighten all bolts to the recommended torque ratings including cranks
Minor wheel truing as necessary and rotate tyres if required
Tidy up bar tape if required
Adjust headset and hub play
Tighten cassette and lubricate chain
A complete safety check for peace of mind
Recommended every 3 to 6 months

Silver service - $165

Everything that is included in our Bronze service +
A full degrease of the drive train and components
Wheels removed for a more thorough clean and comprehensive true
Frame protection added with our Wurth silicone polish
Chain lubricated with our Silca NFS lube
This will bring your bike back to life with a showroom quality finish
Recommended every 6 months

Gold Service - $215

Everything you would expect from our Silver Service +
Full strip, clean and re-grease of the headset and bearings checked for wear
Full strip, clean and re-grease of the bottom bracket and bearings checked for wear
Clean inside the frame from water and sweat 'pooling'
Frame protection added with our Wurth silicone polish
Chain lubricated with our Silca NFS lube
Recommended every 6 to 12 months

Platinum Service - $425 (Road) $499 (MTB)

A complete strip of the bicycle to a bare frame
Strip derailleur apart and clean/ re-lube pulley wheels
Strip hubs to clean and re-grease (sealed bearing seals removed and re-greased)
Headset and bottom bracket bearing seals removed and re-greased
Frame protection added with our Wurth silicone polish
MTB linkage stripped and bearings pressed out and re-greased as needed
Fork and rear shock service and seals charged separately
Chain lubricated with our Silca NFS lube
This is the most comprehensive service your bike could ever need
Recommended every 12-24 months with heavy use

Book a service with us today here
Our Range

Being an independent company means we need to carefully select product that we can believe in and that proudly support us too.  Over the past 8 years we have had the opportunity to select some amazing brands and they have all gone incredibly well for us.
Black Sheep Cycling is one of the latest collaborations which has made a substantial impact on the cycling scene locally and globally.  Our bike brands consist of BMC, Cervelo, Focus and Cannondale.  We have also just set up relationship with Stinner Bikes which has us pretty excited to say the least.
There are now a number of demo products in store to help with your decision process with wheels by Zipp and HED and saddles by Fi'zi:k, Astute and SMP.  We also hire out the bigger things like SciCon aerocomfort plus bags to get you to your events overseas or interstate without the initial outlay.  Call us today on (07) 3252 9997 or better still drop in and check out the fresh fit out and talk to any of our friendly staff.  We garantee to impress.
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